Report from FSFE's general assembly

In May, I was elected the first Fellowship representative. In this function I attended FSFE’s general assembly (GA) in Miraflores de la Sierra and would now like to give you some insights in what happened there. The first and probably most important point is personnel changes. This time there were unusually many. A whole new executive team was formed that will give FSFE a new face. After careful deliberations, the General Assembly has elected Karsten Gerloff as President, Fernanda Weiden as Vice-President, Reinhard Müller as Financial Officer and Christian Holz as Executive Director. The former president and founder Georg Greve … Continue reading

Traveling to the General Assembly in Madrid

Tomorrow, I’ll leave for Madrid in order to attend FSFE’s general assembly as the first Fellowship representative. Unfortunately, there haven’t been much feedback from the fellows, so I’m not taking many questions or tasks with me to Madrid. The agenda of the GA will include many personnel changes, one small change of the constitution and a lot of discussion about FSFE’s direction. There will also be a social event where everybody is welcome to get to know the GA people. If you have last minute questions, don’t hesitate to ask. But since I don’t know when I will be online … Continue reading

I won the GA election

Today, I was notified that I won the general assembly elections. This came quite as a surprise, but I am glad the election worked out that well for me. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me or gave me a high ranking. I also would like to thank the other candidates for their candidacy and for their fair election campaign. Right after I was declared winner, people from inside FSFE contacted me to make travel arrangements to the GA that already meets June 19th-21st. After this was dealt with, I was bombarded with new information. It was … Continue reading