FSCONS 2010 Divide and Re-Conquer Talks Now Online

Last year in November, FSFE hosted its own track at FSCONS around different topics of decentralized (social) networks and free network services. Now the videos of the talks are finally online for you to see. With the exception of one, they are all in WebM format :) Designed For Decentralisation: Understanding the Internet – Benjamin Bayart Centralised Internet Services and Problems of Power – Torsten Grote – WebM HD Socially Responsible Social Networks – Michael Chisari Web Search By The People, For The People – Michael Christen GNU Social and GNU FM: Empowering Communities – Matt Lee Have fun watching … Continue reading

Cloud Computing

Since Internet services such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype became popular, I began to think about their political implications, especially about how they threaten computer user’s freedom. Within FSFE I developed my ideas more and began to spread them. So I think it is about time that I blog about my activities. It all began with a talk at Berlin’s Linuxtag 2010 and a follow-up interview with Germany’s Deutschlandradio as well as another German interview with the community Radio Tux. Out of those interviews and discussions I had with conference participants, the need for a starting point for people interested … Continue reading