Interview zu F-Droid mit ZDF Heute

Der Onlineauftritt von ZDF heute hat zwei Artikel zu F-Droid veröffentlicht. Im Vorfeld gab es dazu ein Interview mit mir. Da es nicht das ganze Interview in die Artikel geschafft hat, veröffentliche ich es hier der Vollständigkeit und Transparenz halber. Marktplatz F-Droid – Zehn freundliche Android-Apps Hintergrund – F-Droid richtig nutzten – und andere Fragen   Was unterscheidet F-Droid vom Play-Store? F-Droid ist wie der Play-Store ein Ort, um neue Apps zu bekommen. Allerdings sind bei F-Droid ausnahmslos alle Apps sogenannte Freie Software. Das bedeutet kurz gesagt, dass man sie frei verwenden, verstehen, verbessern und verbreiten darf. So ist für … Continue reading

How F-Droid is Bringing Apps to Cuba

Only in 2015, when the government opened the first public WiFi hotspots in the country, did internet access become available to ordinary Cubans. Before that, even though modern mobile phones had already found their way into the country, they were mostly used off-line. Now, all these phones can be connected to the internet. However, at 1.50 CUC per hour, this is still not affordable to most Cubans whose average salary is only 20 CUC per month. So it is not surprising that most Cubans do not use what little expensive bandwidth they have available to download apps, but use it … Continue reading

First F-Droid Workshop to Happen Soon in Berlin

If you always wanted to learn how to include new apps into the F-Droid Free Software app repository for Android, then the first F-Droid Workshop is for you. There the F-Droid developers themselves will show you how to do it. When? Saturday the 3rd of August, 2PM – 5PM Where? IN-Berlin (OSM) Who? Daniel Martí and Torsten Grote (F-Droid developer) F-Droid is a project that aims to provide Free Software applications for Android via a repository system, much like most of the GNU/Linux distributions distribute packages. This differs very much from the Google Play approach since the client and server … Continue reading

Paying for Free Software

I would like to be able to pay for more Free Software. Usually people think the great thing about Free Software is that it is free as in free beer. They often neglect the fact that it is free as in free speech. This is probably because they rarely or never make use of this freedom. But since many freedoms benefit us only indirectly, it is still worth fighting for them. I don’t publish a newspaper, still I and society as a whole benefit clearly from having freedom of press. Software freedom is important to me and I refuse to … Continue reading