A New Theme for KMail: Modern Headers

I’m using KMail to handle my emails every day. It is a very powerful program and heavily customizable. Thanks to Baloo, I finally see the pictures of my contacts in their emails. I just didn’t like the way the pictures were shown in the email header.

In case you did not know, KMail supports many different ways of presenting the header of emails. Laurent Montel implemented not only theme support, but also built an editor that you can use to make your own themes.

So I took his editor, started playing with the example theme and then ended up writing my own theme from scratch using HTML and CSS. Here’s the result:


I’m still trying to get this theme uploaded and once I succeed, you will be able to get it from KMail -> View -> Headers -> Download New Themes…

Update: I now uploaded the theme and published the source code. I’m making use of brand new features, so for the theme to work, you need a at least KMail 4.12.5 or 4.13.1.

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